#1 Marquee Letter for Rent | Niagara Falls Marquee Lights - Marquee Letters for Weddings & Events in Niagara Falls, GTA, Hamilton, Niagara Falls and Mississuaga. We have large 2 ft marquee letters, 4 ft marquee letters, 5 ft marquee letters. We rent large letters, giant letters for rent, large marquee letters in Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls marquee event rentals has a large selection of light up letters for parties, weddings, and corporate event branding. Marquee Letter Rentals Niagara Falls.
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#1 Marquee Letter Rentals Niagara Falls | Wedding Marquee Letter Rentals
We are Niagara largest Marquee letter light rental company. We offer light letters for weddings, parties and corporate eventes. We have a large selection of what love letters, wedding letters, birthday letters, number lights available for rent in Niagara. Choose from our love letters, mr & mrs wedding letters, heart arches and initial letters for weddings.

Marquee Letter Rentals Niagara Falls

Marquee Table Letters Niagara
Large Marquee Letters Niagara
Marquee Arrows & Signs Niagara
Marquee Letters for Rent Niagara
Marquee Number Rentals Niagara
Marquee Signs, @, # Niagara
Marquee Heart Shape Niagara
Marquee LOVE Letters Niagara
Niagara Marquee Letter Rentals

MR & MRS Letter Rentals Niagara

Delivery & Setup Rates
1-3 Letters $200
4-6 Letters $300
7-9 Letters $400
10-15 Letters $500
2 Items - Minimum Order Quantity
Availability: Limited Dates. Booking Fast.
Marquee Letter for Rentals Niagara
We have white marquee letters and numbers for rent in Niagara
We carry 2 ft marquee letters and 4 ft marquee letters in Niagara
We have wedding marquee letters, love letters, MR & MRS letters
We rent marquee letters for Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Niagara, GTA
We have marquee letter rentals for parties and weddings in Niagara
Helpful Questions & Answers
How much do the letters cost to rent?
  Each letter costs $125 each plus the delivery & setup fees.
What size marquee letters do you have available?
  We have 4' ft high letters and 2' ft high letters available. The average width of our 4' ft letters is 32" and our 2' ft letters are 20".
What are the marquee letters made of?
  The letters are made of steel metal material. They use LED lights. They lights are warm white. They require electricial outlet power.
How much do the marquee letters weigh?
  Each letter has a different weight depending on size. Our 4' ft letters range from 40-60 lbs. Our 2' ft letters weigh around 15-25 lbs.
How much power is required for each marquee letter?
  4' ft letters use 14 watts per letter. 2' ft letters use 10 watts per letter.
How deep is the marquee letter lights?
  Our 4' ft letters are 8" deep and our 2' ft letters are 6" deep.
Wedding Letter Rentals
4' ft High | 8" Deep | Free Standing | Power Cords | White Light
Rates: $125 / Each Letter
White Marquee Letters
4' ft High | 8" Deep | Free Standing | Power Cords | White Light
Rates: $125 / Each Letter
Marquee Number Rentals
4' ft High | 8" Deep | Free Standing | Power Cords | White Light
Rates: $125 / Each Number

Marquee Love Letter Rentals

4' ft High | 8" Deep | Free Standing | Power Cords | White Light
Rates: $125 / Each Letter
Marquee Letter Rentals Niagara Falls
4' ft White Marquee Letter Rentals Niagara
We have large 4' ft marquee letters available. They are made of metal and white in colour. They provide a white warm light.
2' ft White Marquee Letter Rentals Niagara
We have 2' ft marquee letters available for rent. They are great for smaller spaces and table top placements including bars.
Marquee Heart Shape Rentals Niagara
We also carry marquee hearts, marquee numbers, marquee hastags, and more. We rent maquee letters for all events in Niagara including weddings, parties and corporate events.
Marquee Lighted Letters
Our marquee letters can be placed on a stage or bench. Each of our letters are free standing structures that can be placed anywhere at your venue.
Heart Marquee Letters
4' H x 2.5' W x 8" D | White Letters | Warm White Light
Free Standing Letters | Electrical Outlet | Metal Letters
I HEART U - Marquee Letters
4' H x 2.5' W x 8" D | White Letters | Warm White Light
Free Standing Letters | Electrical Outlet | Metal Letters
I DO - Marquee Numbers
We have marquee numbers for anniversary, birthdays and sweet 16 events. Our marquee numbers light up and create a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere for all events.
LOVE Marquee Letters
Add the marquee letter to your stage, trade show or convention. Make everyone love the city of Toronto with these letters. Great branding of your company and city.
Marquee Love Letters
Our marquee love letters are one of the most popular requested letters. Everybody loves to take pictures in front of the Love letters. You'll have line ups to take photos for a long time.
Marquee Letter Rentals Niagara Falls
Rustic marquee letter
Vintage Marquee letter
Marquee Love letter
Vintage Marquee Lights
Marquee Letter Rentals
large marquee letters
3-foot marquee letters
12'' Metal LED Marquee Letters
Lights Vintage Circus
Alphabet Light Up Sign Hot 12''
Metal LED Marquee Letters

Marquee Letter Signs
Vintage Illuminated Marquee
Marquee Letters & Numbers
Metal LED Marquee Letter
Rent Your Letters
Rent Letters: Rent Marquee Letters
Marquee letters and Marquee sign
Halloween marquee letters
36" Marquee Letter Lights 
Lights Vintage Circus

Niagara Falls Marquee Lights
Niagara Falls Wedding Marquee
White Marquee Letters
White Marquee Numbers
Marquee -- Letters and Numbers
Lighted Marquee Letter 
I DO Light Up Letters
Marquee Letter - "R"
Marquee Letters Setup Ideas
Lighted Vintage Marquee Letters
Alphabet Light Up Sign
Renting Marquee Lighted Letters from Niagara Falls Event Rentals
We Rent Marquee Letters in Niagara Falls for Weddings and Corporate Events
  We offer marquee letter rentals for weddings and corporate events including parties, festivals, concert production, fundraisers, company picnics, parades, weddings, graduations, film production, university, schools, conventions, trade shows, church events, races & Walks, public speaking, grand openings, anniversary, corporate meetings, red carpet entrances.
Where to Rent Marquee Letters in Niagara Falls?

We are Niagara Falls largest Marquee Letter rental company.
We offer marquee letter rentals for indoor and outdoor events.
We provide complete marquee letter delivery, setup and pick up.

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