#1 Niagara Falls Wedding Decor Rentals | Wedding Party Rentals in Niagara Falls - Looking for a wedding planner, wedding decor, Niagara Falls wedding party rental company? We are Niagara Falls largest wedding decor, supplies and equipment rental company. We wedding themes, rustic and vintage wedding decorations, crystal chandeliers, wedding uplighting, wedding columns, pillars, wedding arches and chuppash in Niagara Falls. We are Niagara Falls's largest wedding rental company in Niagara Falls.
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Hedge Walls
Flower Walls
Marquee Letters
String Lighting
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#1 Wedding Decor Rentals Niagara Falls | Centrepiece Rentals Niagara Falls
We are Niagara Falls largest wedding decoration rental company. We offer a large selection of wedding decor, wedding easels, wedding signage and more. You will find all your wedding decor here from rustic wedding decorations, vintage wedding decorations, bird cages, rustic crates, wine barrels, and candle holders. We are Niagara Falls leading wedding rental company offfering wedding decorations for rent in Niagara Falls.

White Dance Floor Rentals Niagara Falls

Wedding Floral Walls
Wedding Centrepieces
Wedding Trees & Plants
Candles, Candle Holders
Chalk Boards, Sign Holder
Wedding Marquee Letters
Vases, Mason Jars, Bottles
Pedestals, Roman Columns
Lanterns, Bird Cages Crates
Wedding Crystal Chandeliers
Marquee Wedding Letters
Check out the most popular wedding marquee rental letters. Here are a few great ideas of what brides are renting for their weddings. We have marquee letters for XOXO, IDO, MR & MRS, and more.
Easels, Chalkboards, Table Numbers
We have guests easels, sign holders, table numbers for weddings. We carry a large selection of wedding easels, wedding table numbers and wedding docor for weddings in Niagara Falls.
Wedding Table Linens
We have wedding table linens, wedding decor, wedding decorations for all theme weddings. We'll make your wedding table look beautiful and can match any colour theme.
Wedding Table Runners
We have wedding table runners, linens and decorations for your wedding theme. We have a large selection of wedding decorations for weddings tables in Niagara Falls.
Wedding Centrepieces
Wedding centerpieces, wedding decor, wedding table decorations. We rent wedding decor and wedding centrepieces for events in Niagara Falls.
Wedding Lanterns
We rent wedding lanterns, decor lanterns, black lanterns, white lanterns, wood lanterns, rustic lanterns, silver lanterns, red lanterns, white wedding lanterns for rent in Niagara Falls.
Wedding Bird Cages
We have wedding bird cages for wedding, rustic bird cages, black bird cages, red bird cages, vintage bird cages for rent in Niagara Falls for weddings and parties.
Wedding Box Crates
Wedding boxes, crates, wood boxes, wood crates, rustic decor boxes, rustic wedding decor, vintage style wedding decorations for rent in Niagara Falls.
Wedding Trees & Planters
Wedding Trees, wedding planters, white wedding trees, pink wedding trees. We have a large selection of wedding decor and trees available for weddings in Niagara Falls.
Wedding Columns & Pedestals
We rent wedding pedestals, wedding vases, wedding decor for your wedding ceremony. Roman Columns, Roman pillars, Wedding pedestals for flowers.
Candles & Candle Holders
We have wedding candles and wedding candle holders. Our candle holders come in a variety of colours and designs to match your wedding decor theme.
Glass, Mason Jars & Vases
Wedding Jars, Mason Jars, Bottles, Glass Vases, Flower Vases, Wedding Vases. We rent wedding decorations including glass and bottle vases for weddings in Niagara Falls.
Portable Walls
We have portable walls, decor walls, flower walls, hedge walls, privacy walls to decorate and create privacy for events.
Flower Walls
Wedding flower walls, floral walls for weddings. We build custom floral walls for weddings, parties and corporate events. We are Niagara Falls largest floral wall rental company.
Displays, Trays & Cake Stands
Wedding Cake Stands, Candy Bars, Candy Carts, Cupcake Stands. We have a large selection of Candy cart and Candy buffet stands, candy displays for weddings.
Garlands, Flowers & Petals
We have wedding garlands, wedding flowers, wedding petals, wedding feathers for rent. Our wedding decor items are great for all wedding themes and events in Niagara Falls.
Wood Slabs & Tree Slices
Wedding Wood Decor, Wood Slabs, Tree Slices, White Birch Branches, Birch Trees, and wedding tree decor. We rent wood crafts, tree slices for weddings and events in Niagara Falls.
Barrels, Buckets & Baskets
Wedding buckets, wedding bins, wedding baskets and rustic buckets. We carry a large selection of wedding decor including flower buckets, flower planters, rustic baskets and bins.
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Wedding Decor Rentals Niagara Falls

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