#1 String Light Rentals Niagara Falls | Wedding Lighting Rentals Niagara Falls - We are a professional event string lighting design and installation company. We offer string lighting rentals and party lights rentals. We carry spotlights, uplighting, black light, globe string lights, led uplighting. We have wedding lighting rentals in Niagara Falls. We rent globe string lights in GTA Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Mississuaga. Uplighting Rental Niagara Falls. Event String Light Rental Niagara Falls.
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#1 String Light Rentals Niagara Falls | Light Installation Niagara Falls
We are Niagara Falls largest string lighting rental and string lighting installation company. We provide lights and lighting rentals for weddings, birthday, festivals and concerts. We carry a large range of lighting equipment including string lights, fairy lights, lantern lights, globe lights, curtain lights and more. We also have wedding lights, uplighting and background lighting for walls and curtains.

Wedding Light Rentals Niagara Falls

String Lighting Rentals Niagara
Event String Light Rentals Niagara
Vintage Edison String Light Rental
Globe String Lights Rental Niagara
Edison String Light Rentals Niagara
Wedding Lighting Rental Niagara
Fairy String Light Rentals Niagara

Curtain String Light Rental Niagara

Paper Lantern String Light Niagara
Fairy String Lights Rentals Niagara
Quantity Rates Delivery & Setup
400 ft $1200 $300
500 ft $1400 $400
600 ft $1600 $500
700 ft $1800 $600
800 ft $2000 $700
400' ft - Minimum Order Quantity
Availability: Limited Dates. Booking Fast.
String Light Rentals Niagara Falls
We have event lighting and uplighting rentals in Niagara Falls
We carry spotlights and uplighting for events and weddings
We have string light rentals and party light rentals in Niagara Falls
We rent black light and globe string lights for party and weddings
We have wedding lighting rentals, globe string lights, led uplighting
We rent event string lights for Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara Falls
Helpful Questions & Answers
What string lights do you have available?
  You can choose between fairy string lights, globe string lights, vintage string lights, paper lantern lights, and curtain string lights.
How do you calculate the string lights required?
  Calculate your venue by width and length in feet. String lights are hung 5' feet apart for the best look. Please provide us width & length of area.
Can you do late night tear down of lights?
  We prefer to take lights down the next day for safety purposes. Anything after 11 pm will require a surcharge of $250.
Do you provide poles to hang lights?
  If your venue has no way of hanging lights we can build a box frame canopy to hang lights or use our free standing poles. There is a surcharge for poles and frame structures.
How much power is needed for the string lights?
  Ideally for every 300' ft of string lights we suggest having 1 dedicated outlet to power your string lights.
What type of layout can we hang the lights?
  We can hang the lights side by side with a slight dip. We can do zig zag layouts or a centre point with the lights meeting in the middle.
Globe String Lights
Our globe string lights are popular for weddings and outdoor events. They provide a warm white light that will set the perfect vibe and atmosphere for any party.
Fairy String Lights
Our fairy string lights provide an elegant and classy look for any venue. Typically used under tents or small closed space; the lights give off a twinkle and warm white light that's perfect for socializing.
Edison String Lights
Our vintage string lights provide a warm white light. They are popular for rustic theme parties and outdoor events. The vintage string lights can be hung on trees and under wedding tents.
Curtain String Lights
Our curtain string lights provide elgance and attracion to any venue. Great for covering up walls or can be used for photo backdrops. Typically used for head table wedding backdrops.
Paper Lantern Lights
Paper lanterns are beautiful and instantly add charm. They are great for creating intimacy with high ceiling venues. Paper lanterns can be used indoor and outdoor to create a hollywood feel.
Edison Pendant Lights
Our edison bulb string lights are great for all events and venues. Individually hung from above, edison bulbs are great for vintage decor themes.
String Light Rentals Niagara Falls
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We rent and install String Lights from Niagara Falls Event Rentals
We rent String Lights in for Weddings and Corporate Events

We offer string lighting rentals for weddings and corporate events including parties, festivals, concert production, fundraisers, company picnics, parades, weddings, graduations, film production, university, schools, conventions, trade shows, church events, races & Walks, public speaking, grand openings, anniversary, corporate meetings, red carpet entrances.

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We are 's largest string lighting rental company.
We offer string lighting rentals for indoor and outdoor events.
We provide complete string lighting installation and tear down.

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