Niagara Falls Artificial Plants & Tree Rentals Our selection of artificial plants and artificial trees is the largest you'll find in Niagara Falls. We have 100's of silk flowers, plants, topiary, and Christmas trees for any indoor or outdoor venue, including home or office! Niagara Falls tree rentals, plant rentals, topiaries, topiary rentals including indoor plants, flower arrangements, planters and decor, christmas trees and artificial plant rentals. We are Niagara Falls largest plant and tree rental company.
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#1 Spring Trees Rentals Niagara Falls | Cherry Blossom Tree Rentals Niagara Falls
We have olive trees available for rent for weddings, parties and corporate events. Olive trees are very popular for weddings as they add a vibrant and warm atmosphere to weddings. Our olive trees are artificial and look great for indoor and outdoor events. We also rent cherry blossom trees, wisteria trees, palm trees, and pre lit birch trees for events looking to add some greenary. We have a large selection of trees, plants and flowers available including boxwood hedges, hedge walls, and flower walls.
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Delivery & Pickup Rates
1-5 Items $200
6-10 Items $250
11-15 Items $300
16-20 Items $350
Niagara Falls Event Rentals | Event Rentals Niagara Falls
A1 - White Dogwood Tree - 5' ft
5' ft High | White & Green | Artificial Trees
Black Planters | Wedding Decor Trees
Rates: $100 / Each
4 Set Package: $300
8 Set Package: $500
A2 - Maple Leaf Tree - 5' ft
5.5' ft High | Orange / Brown / Yellow
Pre-Lit Trees | Warm White Lights
Maple Tree Leaves | Brown Finish Trunk
Rates: $100 / Each
4 Set Package: $300
8 Set Package: $500
A3 - Yellow Aspen Tree - 6' ft
Dimensions: 6' ft High x 40" Wide
Yellow Aspen Tree | White Tree Trunk
Black Planter | Artificial Aspen Trees
Rates: $125 / Each
4 Set Package: $400
8 Set Package: $800
A4 - White Birch Tree - 6' ft
6' ft High | White Trunk | Black Planter
Artificial Tree | Green Leaves
Rates: $125 / Each
4 Set Package: $400
8 Set Package: $800
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