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#1 Photo Light Rentals Niagara Falls | Spotlight Rentals Niagara Falls
hoto and media spotlights are great for lighting up a red carpet event, paintings, products and photo sets. Our professional media wall and red carpet event lighting is ideal for all events, weddings and parties where photography is important. We also have trade show booth lighting, exhibit booth lights, product lighting and outdoor lighting. We can light up any space, walk way, ceiling with our tower lights.

Photo Shoot Lighting Rentals Niagara Falls

Floor Sign Displays   Tac & Poster Boards
Floor Stand Signs   Display Board Rentals
Floor Sign Holders   Event Signage Stands
Sign Holder Stands   Poster Bulletin Boards
Store Signs & Displays   Party Signs & Displays
Delivery & Setup Rates
1-3 Items $200
4-6 Items $250
7-9 Items $300
10-12 Items $400
2 Items - Minimum Order Quantity
Availability: Limited Dates. Booking Fast.
Photo Light Rentals Niagara Falls | Wedding Lighting
Light up your photo backdrop with these LED light panels
We rent photo lights, media spot lights, photo & video spotlights
Our spotlights are dimmable and can be adjusted to any settings
All our media and photo lights include a professional lighting stand
Make all your red carpet photos look glamorous with our spotlights
We rent media wall lights, step and repeat lights, photography lights
Helpful Questions & Answers
What are the best lights for a photo backdrop?
  We suggest using the A1 photo spotlight for any red carpet events with a media or photo backdrop.
What are the best lights for video and makeup?
  We suggest the A2 O-ring light for video & makeup events. The light allows you to take photos inside the circle with no loss of lighting.
What are the best lights for photoshoots?
  We suggest the A3 Softbox Spotlight for photoshoots as it has multiple bulbs giving it a natural look.
Are the lights height adjustable?
  All of our spotlights are adjustable in height and angle. We use a commercial lighting stand that has all the features required.
How much power is required?
  All our lights use a regular wall outlet. They are safe for use and require very little power.
Do you provide extension cables?
  Yes we provide extension cables if you require them. Please requests them at time of booking.
A1 - Photo / Backdrop Spotlights

White Light | Dimmable | LED Lights
Up to 8' ft High | Black Tri Pod Stand
Dimensions: 12" x 12" LED Panels
Rates: $80 / Each
A2 - Video / Makeup Spotlights
18" Diameter | O Ring Lighting | LED Lights
Up 8' ft High | Black Tri Pod Stand | Adjustable
Photography Lights | Swivel Head | Light Stand
Rates: $80 / Each
A3 - Video & Makeup Lights
12" x 24" | LED Mat Panel | Dimmable
Up 8' ft High | Black Tri Pod Stand | Adjustable
Photography Lights | Wide Area | Light Stand
Rates: $160 / Each
B1 - Photography Spotlights
20" x 28" Box | Softbox Lights | Dimmable
5 Bulbs | 45 Watt Bulbs | Adjustable Height
Photography Lights | Swivel Head | Light Stand
Rates: $80 / Each
B2 - Umbrella Photo Softlight
White Light | Dimmable | Photoshoot
Up 8' ft High | Black Tri Pod Stand | Adjustable
Photography Lights | Swivel Head | Light Stand
Rates: $80 / Each
B3 - Room / Studio Lighting
Photo & Video Lights | Mobile Wheels
Brighter Lights | Fluorescent Bulbs
86" High | Size: 15"W x 23"H x 3.5"D
Barn Doors | Tri Pod | Casters
Rates: $200 / Each
C1 - Product Spotlights
Product Uplighting / Spotlights
Rates: $80 / Each
C2 - Product Spotlights
Product Uplighting / Spotlights
Rates: $80 / Each
C3 - Product Spotlights
Product Uplighting / Spotlights
Rates: $80 / Each
D1 - Product Spotlights
8" Diameter Shade | 24" W x 62" H
Black Lamp | Tripod Stand | Floor Lamp
Rates: $80 / Each
D2 - Product Spotlight
16" Diameter Shade | 31" W x 63" H
White Lamp | Tripod Stand | Floor Lamp
Rates: $80 / Each
E1 - Light Reflectors
Light Reflector | Dimensions: 35" W x 70" H
360 Degree Rotation | Horizontal or Vertical
Available Panels: Gold, White, Black, Silver
Rates: $150 / Each
E2 - Photography Backdrop
White or Black Fabric | Size: 10' W x 13' L
Adjustable Height | Frame System
Rates: $300 / Each
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Renting Wall Lights & Uplighting from Niagara Falls Event Rentals
We Rent Wall Lights & Uplighting in Niagara Falls for Weddings & Corporate Events
  We offer wall lights & uplighting rentals for weddings & corporate events including parties, festivals, concert production, fundraisers, company picnics, parades, weddings, graduations, film production, university, schools, conventions, trade shows, church events, races & Walks, public speaking, grand openings, anniversary, corporate meetings, red carpet entrances.
Where to Rent Wall Lights & Uplighting in Niagara Falls?

We are Niagara Falls's largest Wall uplighting rental company.
We offer Wall uplighting rentals for indoor & outdoor events.
We provide complete Wall uplighting installation & tear down.

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