#1 Niagara Falls Truss Rentals | Niagara Falls Trussing Rentals - Looking for truss & trussing to rent in Niagara Falls? We have the largest selection of trussing available for rentals. Choose from our premier selection of truss and trussing including: box truss, stage truss, lighting truss, totem truss, arch truss, entrance truss, DJ truss. We are Niagara Falls largest truss & trussing rental company offering a wide selection of trussing systems for weddings, corporate events and parties.
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Media & Photo Truss - Niagara Falls Rentals

Niagara Falls Truss & Trussing rentals is the largest provider of box truss, triangle truss in the greater Niagara Falls area. We provide professional trussing solutions for stages, lighting, marathons, signage, banners and sponsors. Our truss systems are used by all industries including festivals, movies, concerts, marathons and more. We rent trussing systems and box truss systems for customers in Niagara Falls.

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P1 - Media Backdrop Frame - Niagara Rentals
Our banner and signage truss is ideal for hanging company logos, promotions and signs. This light weight portable media truss system is ideal for conferences, trade shows and corporate events. Used by many companies to hang custom design signs these vertical post and cross bars are adjustable.
Width: 8' ft Height: 8' ft
Media Backdrop Frame Strong & Sturdy
Products Rates Delivery & Setup
Photo Bakdrops $300 / Each $200
Truss Rentals | Truss System Rentals | Truss Structure
Trussing Rentals | Trussing Lift Rentals | Stage Trussing
P2 - Photo Backdrop Truss - Niagara Rentals
Our media / signage truss is great for events looking to create a backdrop of photos or sponsorship signage. Guests take photos with sponsorship logos in the back. Includes frame, connecting joints and bases.
Width: 13' ft   Height: 8' ft
Aluminum Box Truss Base Plates: 30" x 30"
Products Rates Delivery & Setup
Photo Bakdrops $600 / Each $200
Truss Rentals | Truss System Rentals | Truss Structure
Trussing Rentals | Trussing Lift Rentals | Stage Trussing
P3 - Executive Photo Backdrop - Niagara Rentals
For large banners or media backdrops that span over 12' wide. We provide a strong and sturdy structure to hang and secure your corporate banners. Great for opening galas, awards, red carpet galas. We offer a profesional look for high profile events.
Width: 18.5' ft   Height: 8' or 12' ft
Aluminum Box Truss Base Plates: 30" x 30"
Indoor & Outdoor Events Strong & Sturdy Frame
Products Rates Delivery & Setup
Photo Bakdrops $900 / Each $300
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Truss & Trussing from Niagara Falls Event Rentals.com

Our box truss systems are 6.56ft square truss segments provides the most trusted staging support systems in the industry. The truss are built to the highest quality for safety and performance. It's strong and yet lightweight trussing allows for the perfect solution for DJ's, bands, shows, concerts, night clubs and productions. Our truss systems can be connected to make different sizes and shapes. We carry a large selection of truss and trussing systems for all applications. We provide truss rentals and renting services for a variety of events in Niagara Falls including weddings, corporate parties, festivals and DJ's. We are Niagara Falls leading truss and trussing rental company.

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