#1 Niagara Falls Low Platform Stage Rentals - We have low portable stages available for rent in Niagara Falls. Our low stages are great for indoor and outdoor events. We rent low platform stages for weddings, shows, filming, parties and corporate events. Our low stages are used for head tables, fashion runways, public speaking. We are Niagara Falls largest supplier of low platform stage rentals. We offer full service installation and setup with our low portable stage rentals.
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Marquee Letter Rentals Niagara Falls | Wedding Letter Rentals Niagara Falls
We have a large selection of wedding signs and marquee letters available for rent in Niagara Falls. Our white letters are fully lighted and great for weddings, parties and corporate events. Choose from our love lights, mr & mrs lights, heart arches and initial letters for weddings. We are Niagara Falls's largest supplier of wedding signs, marquee letters available for rent.

Marquee Letter Rentals Niagara Falls

Marquee Table Letters Niagara
Large Marquee Letters Niagara
Marquee Arrows & Signs Niagara
Marquee Letters for Rent Niagara
Marquee Number Rentals Niagara
Marquee Signs Niagara Falls
Marquee Heart Shape Niagara
Marquee LOVE Letters Niagara
Niagara Falls Marquee Letter

MR & MRS Letter Rentals Niagara

Quantity Size Rates Delivery
1-3 Letters 2' or 4' ft $125 / Each $150
4-6 Letters 2' or 4' ft $125 / Each $200
7-9 Letters 2' or 4' ft $125 / Each $300
10-12 Letters 2' or 4' ft $125 / Each $400
2 Items: Minimum Order Quantity.
Availability: Limited Dates. Items Booking Really Fast.
Last Minute Booking: Under 7 Days. $300 Surcharge.
Helpful Questions & Answers.
How much power is required for each marquee letter?
  A regular light bulb draw 60 Watts to 100 Watts of power. Our letters draw ony 15 Watts per letter.
Power Current Voltage
15 Watts 1.25 Amps 12 Volts
How much do the letters cost to rent?
  Each letter costs $125 each plus the delivery & setup fees.
What size marquee letters do you have available?
  We have 4' ft high letters and 2' ft high letters available. The average width of our 4' ft letters is 32" and our 2' ft letters are 20".
How deep is the marquee letter lights?
  Our 4' ft letters are 8" deep and our 2' ft letters are 6" deep.
What are the marquee letters made of?
  The letters are made of steel metal material. They use LED lights. They lights are warm white. They require electricial outlet power.
How much do the marquee letters weigh?
  Each letter has a different weight depending on size. Our 4' ft letters range from 40-60 lbs. Our 2' ft letters weigh around 15-25 lbs.
Marquee Letter Rentals
Rent marquee letters for your graduation, prom, birthdays, weddings, and corporate events. We have a large selection of 4' ft marquee letters for all events in Niagara Falls.
Marquee Number Rentals
Rent marquee numbers for your birthday, anniversary, party and corporate event. We have marquee numbers available in 4' ft high. Our marquee numbers are great for all events including birthdays.
Marquee Wedding Letters
Check out the most popular wedding marquee rental letters. Here are a few great ideas of what brides are renting for their weddings. We have marquee letters for XOXO, IDO, MR & MRS, and more.
Marquee LOVE Letters
We have giant marquee LOVE letters in 5' ft high and white marquee letters in 4' ft high. Our marquee lover letters are great for weddings, proposals and special occasions.
Marquee Heart Rentals
Niagara Falls Marquee Hearts and Niagara Falls Heart Shape Arches. We have heart shape marquee letters available for rent in Niagara Falls. These are great pieces for photo backdrops.
Marquee Signs & Hastags
We have have marquee letters available for rent in Niagara Falls including marquee signs, marquee arrows, marquee bar signs, marquee hastags, number signs, # signs, @ signs and more.
Marquee Letter Rentals Niagara Falls
Renting Marquee Lighted Letters from Niagara Falls Event Rentals
We Rent Marquee Letters in Niagara Falls for Weddings and Corporate Events
  We offer marquee letter rentals for weddings and corporate events including parties, festivals, concert production, fundraisers, company picnics, parades, weddings, graduations, film production, university, schools, conventions, trade shows, church events, races & Walks, public speaking, grand openings, anniversary, corporate meetings, red carpet entrances.
Where to Rent Marquee Letters in Niagara Falls?

We are Niagara Falls largest Marquee Letter rental company.
We offer marquee letter rentals for indoor and outdoor events.
We provide complete marquee letter delivery, setup and pick up.

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