#1 Niagara Falls Event Rentals Company - We are Niagara Falls largest event rental company offering a large selection of equipment and services for wedding and party planners. We help create the perfect experience by providing high quality equipment including Tents, Tables, Chairs, Lighting, Stages, Lounge Furniture, Red Carpets, Pipe & Drapes for small and large venue events in Niagara Falls. We provide rental for events in Niagara Falls including full delivery & installation services.
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#1 Niagara Falls Event Rentals - Party, Weddings & Corporate Events

We offer curtains and drapes rentals for a variety of events. Our drapes and curtains come in my different heights and length. We rent curtains for weddings, tradeshows and corporate events. We have a variety of curtain colours including red, black & white. Our drapes are supported by strong light weight pipes that can connected and used for many purposes.
Pipe & Drape Rentals Niagara Falls
We have drapes and curtains for a variety of events including weddings, private parties and corporate events.
Wedding Drape Rentals Niagara Falls
Use our pre-built wedding back drop drapes for your wedding. Choose from a variety of styles and setups available.
Fitting Room Rentals Niagara Falls
We have portable rooms and booths that can be used for change rooms, interviews, photo booth and trade shows.
Stage Rentals Niagara Falls
Stage Rentals Niagara Falls
Looking for a portable stage to rent for your next event. We have the largest selection of stages, stage steps, stage roofs, stage lights and more.
Choral Risers & Bleacher Rentals
Rent our indoor stage or outdoor stage. Each stage is design perfectly for your event. We offer stages with non slip surface and stages with protective roofs.
Portable Stage Rentals Niagara Falls
We have portable stages for shows, concerts, and performances. We carry a large selection of high quality designed stages used for weddings and fashion shows.
Red Carpet Rentals Niagara Falls
Rent Red Carpets in Niagara Falls
Use the true celebrity red curtains made of velour and medium weight. Highest quality red curtain entrances available.
Red Curtain Entrance Niagara Falls
Our authentic red carpets are used for tiff and hollywood stars at premier events. Use our true celebrity red carpet runners.
Stanchion Rentals Niagara Falls
Complete your red carpet entrance with our gold stanchions and red velour ropes for you VIP guests.
Wedding Light Rentals Niagara Falls
Wedding Wall Uplighting Niagara Falls
We offer wedding and party wall up lights for events in Niagara Falls. Our wall up lighting come in a variety of colours and setups.
Paper Lantern Rentals Niagara Falls
We have a large selection of string lights for weddings and events including globe lights, lantern lights and curtain lights.
Mirror Ball Party Light Rentals Niagara Falls
Our DJ party lights are perfect for dancing and creating that amazing vibe. We have intelligent lights and LED lights.
Drapes & Curtain Rentals Niagara Falls
We offer curtains and drapes rentals for a variety of events. Our drapes and curtains come in my different heights and length. We rent curtains for weddings, tradeshows and corporate events.
Drape & Curtain Rentals   Wedding Curtain Rentals
Trade Show Drapes   Background Drapes
Photo Booth Curtains   Wedding Drape Rentals
Wedding Table Back Drop   Wedding Table Drapes
Stage Curtains & Drapes   Stage Skirt Rentals
Pipe & Drapes Niagara Falls   Niagara Falls Drape Rentals
Niagara Falls Curtains   Lounge Drape Rentals
Niagara Falls Event Drapery   Drapery Rentals in Niagara Falls
Ceiling Drapery Rentals   Niagara Falls Ceiling Drapes
Corporate Drape Rentals   Drape & Curtains in Niagara Falls
Fitting Rooms Niagara Falls   Change Rooms Niagara Falls
Fitting Room Rentals   Change Room Rentals
Uplights & Lighting Rentals Niagara Falls
We offer a vast array of portable lights for weddings, birthday, DJ Parties, Staging and more. Wedding Curtain Lights, Christmas Party Lights, Outdoor String Lights.
Wedding Light Rentals   Outdoor String Lights
Wall Lights & Uplighting   Background Lights
Stage Light Rentals   DJ Party Lights
Wedding String Lights   Globe String Lights
Lantern String Lights   Fairy String Lights
Outdoor Tent String Lights   Tent Lighting Rentals
Curtain String Lights   Led Bar Lights
Par Can 56 Lights   Par Can 64 Lights
Fresnel Stage Lights   Ellipsoidal Stage Lights
Par Can Stage Lights   Niagara Falls Wedding Lights
Lights for Wedding Tents   Wedding Tent Lights
Wedding Tent Lighting   Outdoor Tent Lighting
Fashion Runway Rentals Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls fashion show rentals and stages available for rent. We have the largest selection of fashion show catwalks and stages. Rent our fashion show stages and catwalk in Niagara Falls.
Fashion Show Runways   Fashion Show Catwalks
Fashion Runway Rentals   Fashion Catwalk Rentals
Fitting Room Rentals   Change Room Rentals
Niagara Fitting Rooms   Niagara Change Rooms
Clothing Rack Rentals   Coat Rack Rentals
Rolling Rack Rentals   Coat Hanger Rentals
Garment Steamer Rentals   Standing Mirror Rentals
Coat Racks & Hangers   Rolling Mirror Rentals
Portable Change Rooms   Mobile Change Rooms
Niagara Fashion Runways   Niagara Falls Fashion Stage
Portable Stage Rentals Niagara Falls
We offer a large selection of portable stages, risers and custom stage rentals. We have a variety of stage sizes and heights available for your corporate event.
Portable Stage Rentals   Event Stage Rentals
Niagara Falls Stage Rentals   Professional Stage Rentals
Outdoor Stage Rentals   Niagara Falls Mobile Stages
Niagara Falls Stages for Rent   Stage Curtains & Steps
Stage Rental Services   Niagara Falls Staging Rentals
Mobile Stage Rentals   Stage Concert Rentals
Concert Stage Rentals   Wedding Stage Rentals
Stage Stairs & Stage Steps   Stage Concert Rentals
Fashion Runway Rentals   Fashion Catwalk Rentals
Niagara Falls Choral Risers   Choral Riser Rentals
Audio Speaker Rentals Niagara Falls
We offer wireless microphone systems for rent in Niagara Falls. We have premium wireless mics systems for shows, concerts, music, conferences and private parties. Hand helds, Headsets and Lavalier Wireless Microphones in Niagara Falls.
Audio Speaker Rentals   Niagara Falls Speaker Rentals
Wireless Mic Rentals   Headset Mic Rentals
Microphone Rentals   Band Microphone Rentals
Lavalier Mic Rentals   Wireless Microphones
Lavalier Wireless   Handheld Microphones
Wireless Headsets   Wireless Mics in Niagara Falls
Wired Microphones   Niagara Falls Handheld Mics
Microphone Systems   Musical Instruments
Wireless Microphones   Instrument Wireless Microphones
Lavalier Microphones   Wireless Microphone Rentals
Headset Microphones   Wireless Headset Pack
Red Carpet Stanchion Rentals Niagara Falls
Our carpet is the authentic red carpet used by events and venues for celebrity appearances, VIPs , public figures, and international diplomats.
Red Carpet Rentals   Red Curtain Rentals
TIFF Red Carpet Rentals   Celebrity Red Curtains
Stanchions & Ropes   Red Carpet Rugs
Red Carpet Runners   Wedding Red Carpets
Red Carpet Events   Red Carpet Parties
Red Carpet Runways   Red Carpet Galas
Red Carpet Entrances   Red Carpet Steps
Red Carpet Rentals   Red Carpet Packages
Niagara Falls Red Carpets   Red Carpets Niagara Falls
Red Carpet Background   Red Carpet Themes
Red Carpet Rentals Niagara Falls   Hollywood Red Carpets
Furniture Rentals Niagara Falls
We are Niagara Falls largest supplier of folding chairs and folding tables. We offer wedding chairs and wedding tables for rent in Niagara Falls. We have black and white folding chairs available.
Niagara Falls Table Rentals   Niagara Falls Chair Rentals
Wedding Chair Covers   Wedding Table Covers
Niagara Falls Chair Covers   Niagara Falls Table Covers
Renting Chairs in Niagara Falls   Rent Tables in Niagara Falls
Folding Chairs Niagara Falls   Folding Tables Niagara Falls
Folding Chair Rentals   Folding Table Rentals
Tents & Pop Up Tent Rentals Niagara Falls
We are Niagara Falls largest supplier of outdoor framed tents for rent. We have a variety of different tent sizes for backyards, parks and corporate events. We have large framed tents for weddings.
Niagara Falls Tent Rentals   Niagara Falls Canopy Rentals
Framed Tent Rentals   Outdoor Tent Rentals
Niagara Falls Party Tents   Backyard Tent Rentals
Niagara Wedding Tents   Niagara Falls Wedding Canopy
Wedding Tent Rentals   Wedding Canopy Rentals
Hamilton Tent Rentals   Niagara Falls Tent Rentals
Lounge Furniture Rentals Niagara Falls
Looking to rent furniture for your next event? We have lounge furniture, club furniture, outdoor furniture, home staging furniture for all events. Niagara Falls table, chairs, and furniture rentals.
Cruiser Tables   Outdoor Heaters
Lounge Furniture   Outdoor Furniture
Dishware & Catering Rentals Niagara Falls
Food and beverage equipment rentals. We are Niagara Falls leading provider of buffet and catering equipment rentals. Rent our food warmers and buffer serving equipment for your next party.
Catering Equipment   Beverage Equipment
Niagara Falls BBQ Rentals   Bar Equipment Rentals
Dance Floor Rentals Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Dance Floor Rentals for weddings, parties, performances and corporate events. If you are looking to rent dance floors in the Niagara Falls area we can provide you with our portable dance floors.
Niagara Falls Dance Floors   Portable Dance Floors
Dance Floors for Rent   Dance Floor Rentals
Wedding Arch Chuppah Rentals Niagara Falls
We carry a large selection of rental equipment and accessories in the Niagara Falls area. We are Canadas leading rental company providing services to 1000s of events each year in Niagara Falls.
Sand Bags   Clothing Racks
Portable Fans   Coat Racks
Portable Heaters   Floor Mirrors
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